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Welcome to Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc.

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization run by a ten-member Board and its volunteers.  Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. does not receive core funding and is not subsidized by any government.  The organization relies strictly on volunteerism, their own fundraising and any incoming donations.

A one-time Sampson inheritance and funds from the Bruce Hammond Fund help Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. exist today.  An office does not exist but a telephone line is always open to calls.  Messages, emails or faxes are always responded to.  The Board will reach out and speak to those wishing guidance or information on a one to one basis.  Medical advice can only be prescribed by doctors and pharmacists.  Talk to your pharmacists about medicine side effects and when to take medication.  Contact us, we are always willing to talk.

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is a Canadian registered charity, 861644987RR0001, established in 2005, providing programs that educate and assist people to overcome barriers.

We continue to increase membership and help people with epilepsy through support group meetings, scholarships, information and other assistance.  Calls continue to come in with inquiries about epilepsy.  Support group meetings are held monthly.

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Current donations are accepted by cheque or cash. Cheques can be sent to:
  Epilepsy Inc,
  Box 33016,
  Regina, SK.
  S4T 7X2

Tax receipts will
be issued.
About Us

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is an honouree in the Outstanding Community Group category at the AFP  2022 National Philanthropy Day Awards Celebration presented by DCG Philanthropic Services.

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization run by a ten-member Board 
and its volunteers. Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. does not receive core funding and is not subsidized by any government.  The organization relies strictly on volunteerism, their own fundraising and any incoming donations.

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. provides those impacted by epilepsy support through meetings, camps, and scholarships while also assisting with costs for neuro operations, seizure monitors and start up fees for seizure dogs.

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Purple Epilepsy Ribbon

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. provides our clients with education and programs they require to overcome barriers, living with epilepsy and improve their quality of life.

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. provides support and counselling to families coping with the condition.

People with epilepsy often express feelings of isolation.  Often, they don’t know many other people with epilepsy.  Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. provides individuals with a shared sense of support and connection.  People can express their concerns and learn from others who are going through similar issues.  Come share your thoughts on life with epilepsy, offer and receive support while enjoying great company!

"Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. encourages the members to talk about their seizures.  When talking about your seizures you are empowering the people that you are talking to.  By communicating to society about epilepsy, we will get rid of the stigmatism.  Explain how people can help you when you are having a seizure.  You might be pleasantly surprised by how many people are eager to help you."
  - Dale Oram

“Remember you are a person first, with epilepsy second.”
Our Clients
Mission Statement:

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is dedicated to supporting those impacted

by epilepsy in south Saskatchewan communities, assisting families afflicted

with the condition.

Since its existence in 2005, Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. provides direct

services to the public’s understanding of epilepsy and to enhance the quality

of life for those coping with epilepsy.

Vision Statement:

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. values people with epilepsy.  Saskatchewan

Epilepsy Inc.’s goal is to empower independence and productive lives for

individuals with the condition. 

One attendee present completed their degree at the University of Regina and now works as a Parole Officer.  Supported by Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc's Scholarship

Back Row : Duncan, Dale L., Brett, Jack, Mona, Dennis 

Front Row : Dale O., Theresa, Darlene, Mary, Tracy

City Councillor Terina Nelson attended our award ceremony.  Terina had the honor of raising Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc's Flag at City Hall

 Sherry  McCormick attended our luncheon, to take pictures and write an article in Prairie Dog Magazine regarding the special event.

Our History
Mrs. Sunny Torgunrud

In 1982 Mrs. Sunny Torgunrud, who had a son with epilepsy, and a friend with epilepsy decided to open an organization for those afflicted with epilepsy and their families.  Presentations were provided, support meetings held and resources for members who needed assistance.  Sunny completed a Bachelor in Social Work and Certificate in Human Justice.  On June 26, 1991, Sunny received the National Canada Volunteer Award presented in Ottawa by the Minister of National Health and Welfare of Canada.

Canada Volunteer Medal

The Canada Volunteer Medal was established by Health and Welfare Canada to recognize and encourage those Canadians who have made outstanding voluntary contributions towards improving the health and social well-being of fellow citizens.  The Canada Volunteer Award is presented annually by the Minister on behalf of all Canadians.  It is hoped that Award winners will be an inspiration to other Canadians.

Dr. Felix Veloso

In 2005, Dr. Veloso wrote a letter to the CRA recognizing an important use for Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. for the purposes of those afflicted with the condition.  His letter of referral helped Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. become a registered charity.  Dr. Veloso is recognized at the annual golf tournament and a member of the Board of Directors.


In 2005 Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. came to be, a new charity name but with the same ideas.  The same services exist but with more choices.  The Bruce Hammond Fund still exists today, supporting social networking, support group meetings and special group functions.  A Sampson Memorial Fund was created to continue alongside the Bruce Hammond Fund. 

We are a grassroots organization aimed to help our people in southern Saskatchewan.


The Bruce Hammond Fund (BHF) is in memory of a member who passed away in a seizure.  Bruce's family donated money to Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. so members could go out and socialize as a group.  Bowling, coffee outings, summer barbecues, camps and Christmas events are just to name a few activities that members enjoy.  The Bruce Hammond Fund (BHF) is recognized annually at Saskatchewan Epilepsy's annual golf tournament with signage.

Clients are now able to apply for a down payment for a Seizure Dog.  A start up fee. See our attached application form.


The Sampson Memorial Scholarship is dedicated to post-secondary students of the immediate families who overcome barriers coping with the challenges of epilepsy.  The scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Paul Sampson and late wife Helen, who would not allow epilepsy to prevent them from achieving goals.  A $1,000 bursary was established in honour of Mr. and Mrs. Sampson.  The Sampson Memorial Scholarship is recognized annually at Saskatchewan Epilepsy's annual golf tournament with signage.


The Sampson Operation Fund is dedicated to epilepsy clients in southern Saskatchewan who must travel for an epilepsy operation.  Travel costs can are covered up to a maximum of $1,000 bursary  in honour of Mr. and Mrs. Sampson.  The Sampson Operation Fund is recognized annually at Saskatchewan Epilepsy's annual golf tournament with signage.

Helen's gentle spirit and generosity touched the lives of many.


Our Donors

To recognize and honour donors who have helped our epilepsy clients and families with programs, a plaque is displayed in Dr. Veloso's office at the Pasqua Hospital.  Any support is good support for our clientele. Any organization or donor who reaches $1,000.00 will have their name inscribed on our plaque.

Dr. Felix Veloso, FRCP(c) F.A.A.N.

Mrs. Vilma Hammond

Darlene N. Achter


Provincial Hydraulics Inc.


Jack and Mary Hoffart


Wayne's Moving


Knightarcher Insurance

Eldon and Connie Bushell

USW SOAR Chapter 19

Mrs. Sunny F.P. Torgunrud

Mrs. Helen Sampson




Paul Edward Leier

Pinnacle Industrial Services

Julia Piwarski Memorial

Laurie Hammond

Cherry Insurance Ltd.

Maryfield Donors Choice

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc Donation Plaque
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