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Our Board of Directors 

Our 10 member volunteer board includes professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Darlene Achter - President and Business Administrator; Dr Felix Veloso - Neurology Advisor; Mary Hoffart - Paralegal; Theresa Law - RN; Jack R. Hoffart - Retired  LLP; Dale Oram - Advocacy; Paula Green - Facebook Administration; Lindsey Archer - Advocacy, David Yaffe - Technology Advisor; Mona Snyder - Treasury / Facebook;

Darlene Achter

Darlene has epilepsy but has learned to live with it.  Darlene has completed a Business Admin Certificate.  Darlene obtained full-time employment.  In 2005 Darlene was Co-founder of Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc.

Dr. Felix Veloso
Dr. FELIX VELOSO, Neurologist

Dr. Veloso wanted an epilepsy organization for clients with the condition.  A great asset.  Dr. Veloso treats clients with epilepsy and can make referrals for medications and neuro operations.


Mary likes to help people in need and is a very understanding person.  Mary has worked with other common concerns.

Theresa Law
THERESA LAW, Registered Nurse

I became involved in Saskatchewa Epilepsy Inc. as a new grad nurse and felt this was a way to help those with a chronic disorder no one wants to talk about.  I wanted to be able to guide people to resources that were scholarly and evidence-based so they could make informed decisions about their health.  There are so many resources available some reliable and some not and I wanted people to know how to weed through the information.

Jack Hoffart

I have been a member of the Board of Directors for quite a few years now and it my experience that when I mention that I am on the Board of Saskatchewan Epilepsy, the reaction is that the person I am talking to has a relative or knows somebody with epilepsy, and I see the stigma attached to it.  The projects to help people and families with epilepsy are very good and the approach of Saskatchewan Epilepsy is like being in a support group.

Dale Oram

DALE ORAM, Advocacy

Dale had a successful operation for his epilepsy.  He wanted to be on the Board to meet and talk with others who have the condition.  Dale was Co-founder of Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. in 2005.

Paula Boyzcuk-Green
PAULA BOYZCUK-GREEN, Facebook Administrator

When I was told that I needed to have surgery done, I was terrified.  I didn't know that there was an organization like Saskatchewan Epilepsy, but when I found them, two of the members were there to help me feel more comfortable, just knowing that other people had gone through the same or similar operations.  They made me feel more secure and confident.

I have found that being a part of the board is very rewarding and makes me glad that I can pass on a bit of the kind of help that was passed on to me.


Lindsey is well aware of epilepsy and knowing people with the condition would like to assist the organization. Lindsey communicates with the public.  Having Lindsey on the Board would be an asset to the organization.
David Yaffe
DAVID YAFFE, Technical Advisor

David Yaffe is a supporter of Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc and would like to assist Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc.  David has been on other boards and has become employed as a full-time technical analyst.  David is married and has epilepsy.  The couple has learned to cope with David’s condition.  David and his wife both work as well as raising a family. 

Mona Snyder, Treasury & Facebook

The reason I assist Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is, they helped me when I was having seizures - taught me how to deal with them.

I wanted to pay back the kindness from this group and to help others in return.  Mona has also taken a backup role on Facebook when required.

Our Volunteers 
Dale Law
DALE LAW, Volunteer

I know Dale Oram through work and retirement and my wife Theresa Law is on the Board.  I like to volunteer since I've done that my whole adult life.

Darrel Green

When I met Paula, she had become a member of Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. and was active in helping the group.  After meeting the people in the group, seeing what they were doing and seeing how they appreciated all the help, I couldn't pass up taking part in the organization.

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