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CURRENT NEWS - Watch for upcoming news in December's Prairie Dog Magazine


Next Support Group Meeting to be TBD.  Contact Darlene for more information.

Support meetings are held quarterly, except July and August.  Coffee is provided by the Bruce Hammond Fund.  In Regina, call 306-359-0905 or cel 306-533-4829.  In Swift Current, call 306-774-8174 or 306-778-9130

                         Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is an honouree in the Outstanding Community Group category at the AFP

                         2022 National Philanthropy Day Awards Celebration presented by DCG Philanthropic Services.

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization run by a nine-member Board and its volunteers.  Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. does not receive core funding and is not subsidized by any government.  The organization relies strictly on volunteerism, their own fundraising and any incoming donations.

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. provides those impacted by epilepsy support through meetings, camps, and scholarships while also assisting with costs for neuro operations, seizure monitors and start up fees for seizure dogs.

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CELEBRATING 40 Years of Service.  Since started in 1982, as Epilepsy Regina Inc. supported members in the City of Regina and those in contact needing support.  Sunny Torgunrud was the Director. Members came and were assisted with their needs.  In  2005 the organization renamed to Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc., thus in 2022 celebrated 40 years with flags in southern Saskatchewan.  City Hall members in Swift Current and Regina along with board members raised 2 new flags to commemorate the 40th anniversary.

March 25 is Purple Day, a day of epilepsy awareness. People across Canada and around the world are encouraged to wear purple and fly Purple Day flags! Joined us at Regina City Hall on March 25, 8:00 am -9:30 am.  On March 25, 2022, Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. had a flag raising ceremony at Regina City Hall, to help promote Epilepsy awareness around the world. The flag was sewn made by Marie Brigidear (shown on the right of the picture), one of the RSCC’s Sewciables Quilting Group.

Swift Current City Council illuminates illness with proclamation

City Council paid attention as they were presented a winning argument for this week to be declared Epilepsy Awareness Week in Swift Current.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder where brain activity can become abnormal, resulting in seizures or periods of non-typical behaviour, sensations and even loss of awareness. What many people do not know is that anyone can develop epilepsy, including men, women and children alike.

Jack and Mary Hoffart both co-direct Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc, and presented during city council their argument for why Epilepsy Awareness Week needed to be proclaimed, and attested to some the truths of epilepsy

"Saskatchewan Epilepsy Month is the month of March," informed Jack. "The Epilepsy week is March 21 to 25."

Jack then presented some t-shirts with epilepsy awareness designs and slogans. He had his wife, Mary, read one out for the gathered councillors.

"You learn just how long 30 seconds really is when you're watching someone you love has a seizure," Mary read aloud. "30 seconds seems like forever when somebody is having a seizure and believe me, that's the truth."

Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. has been advocating for the care and treatment of those affected by epilepsy in Saskatchewan since 1982. For the last 40 years, they have endeavoured to invest in and fund epilepsy research, treatments, and care for those who suffer from the disease and their families.

"When I suggested a possible charitable donation to Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc., the reaction that I've got is 'Well, I have a son or daughter with epilepsy', 'One of my grandchildren has epilepsy', and 'my son or daughter has a friend in school that has epilepsy' or 'my neighbour down the street'," described Jack.

More people live with the disease than most folks ever realize. Approximately1% of people in Canada live with epilepsy.

"Believe it or not, they're very cautious about talking about that until I bring up the idea that a charitable donation might be a helpful thing to do," established Jack.

That's the whole idea behind the City of Swift Current recognizing Epilepsy Awareness Week. By embracing the week and helping to raise awareness in the city, more people affected by it may end up receiving support from those around them.

If you would like to inquire about more information or donating, you can learn more on the Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. website.


In 2022, Sk Epilepsy Inc. have adult Epilepsy t-shirts for sale - $25.00 per shirt

Four designs were created, currently in adult size.  Supported by Knightarcher Insurance Brokers


Held in March every year during Epilepsy Month, Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. holds a Silent Auction and BP Night.  Open to the public, $25.00 buys a meal of 1 - Individual Gourmet Pizza, 2 - Penne, Spaghetti or Fettuccine  with Bolognese, Alfredo, Marina or Rose 3 - Boston Brute with Fries. Non-stop Tea/coffee or pop.  Age 10 and under $16.00, age 11 and up $25.00. Sports signed items.  Funds raised are used to pay for Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc.’s various programs. 

Next Silent Auction and Pasta/Pizza/Brute night ;
March 22, 2023 Boston Pizza North, 5:00 to 6:30 or 7:00 to 8:30
Call 306-533-4829 or 306-522-2735 for tickets
Team Canada Signed Jersey - Silent Auction Prize
Riders T-Shirt - Silent Auction Prize
Shirt signed by Grey
Cup '66 Winners
Jacket signed by Brad
Gushue Canada Team
download pats.jpg
Hockey Stick Initialed by
Connor Bedard # 98

Tickets $25.00: Includes a delicious rack of BBQ Ribs, Salad and Rice.

Call 306-522-2735, 306-533-4829, 306-359-0905, 306-541-5449, 306-949-6841
or email


In August every year, Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. holds a Golf Tournament at the Lakeview Par 3.  The course is small enough where families can attend and open to the general public.  Fees cover a round of golf, meal and guaranteed prize for all.  Funds raised are used to pay for Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc.’s various programs.  Enter your own team or call to be added on a team.  Hole sponsors, businesses and private donations, of $100 or more have signage posted at a hole.

Call 306-359-0905 or 306-533-4829 for more information.

Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 1
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 4
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 8
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 12
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 17
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 2
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 7
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 9
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 15
Golf Tournament Sponsors Sign - Hole 18
Dr. Felix Veloso Sign
Pinnacle Industrial Services Sign
Ross Machine Shop Sign
2019 Prize - Jacket
2019 Prize - T-Shirts
2019 Prize - Signed Regina Pats Hockey Stick
2019 Prize - Wine Basket
2019 Prize - Victoria Jewellers Cufflinks
2019 Prize - Riders Package
2019 Prize Winner
2019 Prize Winner
2019 Prize Winner
2019 Prize Winner
Home Alone Movie Cover
Home Alone playing on a screen

2019 Golf Sponsors of Sk Epilepsy Inc, were treated to China Liang
supper and "HOME ALONE with RSO,'' Saturday, December 14, 2019.
Saskatchewan Epilepsy Inc. supports those who support the organization.

Mrs. Sunny Torgunrud Memorial Sign
2019 Prize - Portable Bench Seat Cushion
2019 Prize - Hillberg and Birk Earrings
2019 Prize - Rider Signed Football
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